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New Water Service Connection Fee – Short Side New Connection $4,500

                                                             Long Side New Connection $5,200

                                                             Long Side New Connection Under State Highway $6,000

All new water service connections shall be subject to a “Rock Clause”, meaning if rock is encountered during an attempt to set a new meter, additional charges will apply according to the actual cost, along with a reasonable profit.


Late Charge on Bills paid after the 1st of Month           10%


Late Fee – On payments received for past due amount after 10 a. m. on the last Tuesday of each month shall be charged a Late Fee of $25


Meter Deposit on a standard meter is $100 – 1” meter is $150 – 1 1/2” meter is $300 – 2” meter is $400 – 3” meter is $800.


Return check charge - $25 – Should a check be returned to the District for any reason, a return check fee charge of $25 shall be applied.


Service activation fee - $15 – This fee is charged each time a customer activates a new account


Trip fee - $25 – At such time as the District shall make a trip to a residence for non-payment or to reconnect property to the system due to non-payment, a $25 per trip shall be charged. $25 trip fees shall also be charged for abuse of service.


Primacy Fee - Typically in March, money is collected annually by the utility for our governing agency
on each meter in every system in the US. (fees may vary for other states)

Standard Meter = $5.28 1” & up to 2” meters = $21.00
Over 2” & up to 4” meters = $102 Over 4” & Greater meters = $198

Sales Tax, as applicable: Cass Co & MO State = 5.85% Freeman = 1.00%





 Governed by water usage from reading water meters monthly

                     (effective with July 2022 billing)

0-2,000 gallons used (monthly minimum) $45.30

2,001 – 10,000 used 20.30 per thousand gallons

10,001 gallons used, and above 14.49 per thousand gallons

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