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The District is governed by and within the guidelines of MO. State Statute 247.010 through 247.200 along with any revisions.


There is a Board of Directors that meets one time each month. District #7 has it’s board meetings always on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. There are five (5) members that serve and are designated by a sub-district.  Cass #7 has five (5) sub-districts. Their term is typically three (3) years and each filing member is subject to the general election in April based upon their time in service.


The District has ten (10) full time employees which are typically divided into three (3) categories. Water Treatment Operators – Distribution – and Administration and Clerical.

Current Board of Directors

Mike Hurst - President - Member since 2018 - Sub-district 3

Kevin Box - Vice President - Member since 2018 - Sub-district 2

Brent Yahnig - Member - Member since 2005 - Sub-district 1

Jordan Raffety – Member Since 2022 – Sub-district 5

Todd Hastie  -  Member Since 2023  -  Sub-district 4

Paul Clark  -  Board Treasurer  -  Since 2023

PWSD 7 - Main Office.JPG

Above picture reflects the new office building that cost about $160,000 in 2008.  The board meeting is always held at the Main office shown in the above picture at 8906 East 267th St. Freeman, Mo. 64746 on the 2nd Monday evening at 6:30 P.M. if a quorum is available. It takes three (3) members to make a quorum.

District Staff Members


Bob Thomas                     Manager                                          Hired 2005

John Eads                        Chief Plant Operator                        Hired 2001

Daniel Haase                    Plant Operator                                 Hired 2002

Tom Groves                      Field & Facilities                               Hired 2009

Lane Kraft                         Distribution Manager                       Hired 2022

Jacob Cantrell                   Distribution Associate                     Hired 2023

Jeri Barnes                        Bkkpg, Admin & Board Clerk          Hired 1998

Mindy Anderson                Operations Assistant                       Hired 2017

Sydney Woodward            Office Clerk                                      Hired 2023

Ed Lopez                           Distribution Associate                      Hired 2023


Of the ten (9) employees six (6) are trained and licensed at or above the technical skills required to operate the Water Plant. Six (6) are also licensed above the required skill level to operate the Distribution system. In total there is approximately 125 years of collective skills at this location with years of experience at other locations prior to being hired at District #7.


98% of all required electrical and or electronic work is accomplished in house with existing staff members.


100% of all plumbing and mechanical is accomplished by existing staff members.


All iron work, welding, cutting, and manufacturing on site is accomplished by existing staff members.


Four (4) staff members are skilled at heavy equipment operations along with repairs and or maintenance on all equipment and vehicles and fabrication.


As District #7 is a 24-7 operation there are six (6) staff members that are assigned after hours duty, that covers all weekends as well as holidays. In as much as is possible the overtime is typically handled by staff members volunteering.

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